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MANSWELL law firm advises and assists multinational companies as well as middle size and small companies and businesses and individuals in the areas of taxation, Intellectual Property, Media, Entertainment and Music Law,

Some examples:
- We assist companies with their tax audit or computerized tax audit as well as in relation with tax investigations and search warrants. For more information on Tax Investigations click on Defence in tax investigations.
- We assist artists, musicians, DJs, singers, Orchestra conductors, independent record companies, music producers, for their questions relating to VAT, taxes or withholding taxes, neighboring rights, copy rights or royalties, live show assignments, concerts, DJ Sets, income tax compliance, drafting of recording contracts, live show coproduction or for obtaining the show producer’s license.
- For the company creators, we help them to chose the appropriate the tax and social status of the managers.

Taxation Music

International and European Corporate Taxation

Corporate Income Tax

Registration, VAT, Customs

Business Tax

Personal Estate Taxation

French and International Real Estate Taxation

Taxation of Non-Residents and Expatriates

Personal Taxation

Tax Audits and Litigation

Structured Financing

Computerized accounting

• Music contracts negotiation, drafting and litigation

• Music Taxation

• Music Regulation

• Music Label creation

Image right and Press Intellectual Property, Audiovisual and Media

• Image rights and endorsement: advice, negotiating and judiciary proceedings and claims (claimant or defender)

• Law of the Press

Trademarks, Designs and Models Law

Multimedia and Internet law

Audiovisual and Cinema Law, Law of the Graphic and Plastic Arts, Live Entertainment Law and Law of the Press

Tax advice for Producers, Musicians or Singers, Actors and Sportsmen and Women