A policy of fairness of fees

Our fees are determined on the basis of the principle of fairness, which means that our fees are determined flexibly and appropriately depending inter alia on the following elements :

- the scope of the interests involved;
- the time devoted to the file, taking into account particularly the nature and difficulty of   the matter;
- the advantages, professional added value and result obtained for the client from the services we provide.

When a file is initially taken on, the determination of the fees is systematically addressed and discussed interactively to agree together on a fixed amount of fees or a foreseeable amount adapted to the client's situation and the work required.

Various formulas for the fees can be agreed, as set out below:

- estimated budget based on the foreseeable time spent
- fixed amount
- fees based on the results obtained
- an annual or half-year subscription

Subscription for tax and legal assistance (tax advisory and tax litigation) from EUR 1000 € VAT excluding per month :
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