The guiding principles of our professional practice

Our practice is founded on the following principles :

1. High level expertise provided by experienced and competent lawyers who practice a policy of fairness of fees .

2. Ethics which respect the essential principles of the lawyers' profession, i.e.:

- dignity,
- awareness,
- independence,
- honesty,
- humanity,
- honor,
- loyalty,
- selflessness,
- confraternity,
- tact,
- moderation,
- courtesy.

3. Confidentiality and respect of professional secrecy

A practice which takes your constraints into account and meets your expectations

For any matter a client submits to the firm during a working day (i.e., between 8 AM – 7 PM Paris time), MJA reverts to the Client in a period of time not exceeding 24 hours (week-end and holidays excluding).

A professional practice covered by an appropriate professional liability insurance

All the services provided by Maximilien Jazani as a lawyer admitted to the Paris Bar and by the lawyers acting at his request are covered by a professional liability insurance. Whatever the amount at stake in the file, clients will be given precise and transparent information relating to the professional liability insurance and the maximum amount of compensation per claim covered by the applicable insurance policy.